1. D

    FigFx Denied My Withdraw of Deposit

    FigFx robbed my profit and deposit. Jun 14th,2011, I opened an account,no:155454,in FigFx. Jun 15th, I had deposit 50 usd from LR to A/C :155454. Jun 17th, the account was disabled when there is a balance 54.2 usd. I requested withdraw my deposit after I revisited figFx web policy...
  2. C

    figforex refuse to give me my money and my profit

    i opened account wit figforex with some of, 10 USD, then since i has be treading with them am losing, one day i funded 10 USD as usual, then withing 1 week i make profit of 200 and 85 USD I request for withdraw of 120 USD figforex tell me that liberty reserve has a problem that as soon as they...
  3. P

    FIGfx problem

    I am a client with FIGfx, a Non Regulated forex broker, operating in Wilmington, USA. Initially I opened a mini trading account number 110190, I have made deposit $250 and got 100% bonus promotion in that account. all just fine until the time I made withdrawal request problems come, they...
  4. S

    FigFX is all scam.

    Hi there, I have been trading with figfx 1 years ago. By then they had no policies on using agressive robots. So I used them. It seemed having no problem at that time but I stopped trading forex for some reason. I checked account logging in to figfx about 2 times during 1 year period to see...
  5. Javier Keeth

    Revealing one of the largest networks of FX-SCAM online

    Hello Readers, Hello FPA, Introduction: FIGfx, has started an independent investigation around three Iranian clients, who seemed to be doing something illegal over on our platform. After finishing the investigations and collecting the information needed, we decided to share this information to...
  6. C

    account terminated.

    hi my name is cvs kumari iam from india i opened a trading account with figfx bearing account no 133053 in the month of november 2010 initially i invested 200usd which i lost in trading and then i invest 600usd and out of that investment i withdrew 600usd last month and today i withdrew another...
  7. P

    DelleteAccount at FigFX

    I am a member of FigFx, but when running, your account deleted, how this could happen FigFx? Please help me?
  8. Praefectus

    FIGfx Stole my friend's $3000

    Hello, my name is Fernando I'm here for my Friend name Ketut Artayasa, he is a client of FIGfx since 10.12.2010, his account number is 135811, he made the last deposit $1000 today (23.12.2010) and trade... he won some trade and boost his account to $3000, his last trade is buy GU from 1.5376 and...
  9. J


    Figfx-resolved My full balance has been refunded, this issue has been resolved. Yesterday I got this email from Figfx Hello Mr. Dei, This email is to inform you that your trading account #121630 has been permanently blocked due to several violations of our terms of service agreement...
  10. K Account Suspension

    Hi all - Today I received the following email from FigFx, informing me that they were disabling my account. My responses are in red. Hello Mr. Kniestedt, This email is to inform you that your trading account #121650 has been *permanently blocked* due to several violations of our...
  11. C

    Figfx! Steal Trader's Profit!!! - RESOLVED

    I am trader from Thailand. I decided to invest with Figfx as their offer is very interesting as much as 100%....also their IB/Agent Program is also nice to join. I registered as IB/Agent with Figfx, and get the IB account no. 120595. Later, I registered for trader account through the main...
  12. H

    FIGFX supporter please help

    This problem was solve, sorry for any inconvenience, thanks for good supporter!
  13. J

    Fig fx brokers complaint

    I confirm that my money has been paid back in full and that this issue had been properly and professionally dealt with.
  14. F

    FIG FX took back 400 USD of my interest earnings

    Here is the review that I have just posted in the Reviews section. ======================================================== FIG FX deducted 400 USD of my swap earnings today for trades that I made in December 2009 and January 2010. I at first noticed that my equity was around 1400 USD...
  15. R is scam company's server of mt4 down at least from 4th april and you can not login or access your account's page in this site. company is not answering of any mails
  16. G

    FIG fx Brokers

    I have micro and cent accounts with this brokers. I deposited money on 19th March to the Cent Account which I started trading from 20th March till 2nd April when I opened some positions. but the next day, I could not open my platform to which I felt great consternation because I wanted to...
  17. W

    Fig Fx wouldn´t pay my Gain.

    First mail 9th Feb 2012 – 11.33 pm( cet) Hello Mr. Zahn, We regret to inform you that your trading account 308951 has been temporarily banned from accessing our servers due to a huge amount of cancelled/arbitrage trades from an illegal EA received recently from your trading terminal...
  18. A

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