1. J

    PipJet Megadroid statement manipulation

    Megadroid has been manipulating their online "live" statements to show that their EA is performing better than it has. On the 15th of October the EA PipJet had a 50 pip stop loss. I had the stop on 1 live account with Alpari US Pro, and 1 demo account win FinFx. Several other forum members...
  2. F

    FinFX Anyone heard something about this broker or can to share own experience?
  3. TarryFaster

    Beware of FinFX!

    Late last month, October 23rd to be exact, I opened and was manually managing a Sell trade on the EURJPY pair. A few days later, my wife hurt herself and I had to rush her to the local clinic and in the panic process, I overlooked placing a Stop on that trade. Of course, when I came back the...
  4. fxgermany

    Fx Discounts and Rebates FinFX $0.75 commission discount

    A special discount which reduces the commission on FinFX ECN accounts to USD 6.25 per round-turn lot and on ECN Pro accounts to USD 5.25 per round-turn lot is now available. Information regarding FinFX and this offer can be found here: FinFX commission discount
  5. A


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