1. TarryFaster

    Beware of FinFX!

    Late last month, October 23rd to be exact, I opened and was manually managing a Sell trade on the EURJPY pair. A few days later, my wife hurt herself and I had to rush her to the local clinic and in the panic process, I overlooked placing a Stop on that trade. Of course, when I came back the...
  2. seth blackstone

    FinFx - Skrill MoneyBookers - Ally Bank Sorry Situation NEED HELP!

    Here is the story ... :mad: I have a Forex trading account with "FinFx Oy" in Finland, I am happy with the broker (sort of), they have never given me any reason to doubt their operations. I have had this account for a number of years (since 2010). I always deposit money into the...