finpro trading

  1. oriett


    Open REAL account with them after the first start manipulate prices on the platform 3 loss from about 300 usd, increased trading and reach the sum of 13682.45 usd in the account being blocked me. Request 2 withdrawal of funds 500 usd and 13182,45 currently pending and cancelled , call the chat...
  2. W

    Please stay away from Finpro Trading Company!

    Please stay away from Finpro Trading Company! they are manipulating the system and not honest and reliable broker at all. Best regards
  3. G

    Finprotrading and Flashy Wael/Forex Signals and Investment

    Dear Forex Peace Army, Forex signals and investment is a forex signal provider and a money manager trading on behalf of clients with live accounts at Finprotrading (a forex broker). Here is Forex signals and investment face book page where they advertise for their services -...