1. L

    EA scam from Slk fintech

    Hey guys, I just found this on other people's telegram group and wanted to make this cautious for everyone who might come across slkfintech who sells their ea. It's nothing like they advertise and although it does trade, for some reason, it doesn't work to backtest on anyone I know who bought...
  2. cTrader

    cTrader Nominated in Best Trading Technology Category by Benzinga Global Fintech Awards

    We are proud to share that cTrader has entered Benzinga Fintech Listmakers 2020 by Benzinga Global Fintech Awards in the category of Best Trading Technology. The Benzinga Fintech Listmakers is an index of top-tier companies and executives within a selection of categories that revamp the Fintech...
  3. cTrader

    Spotware Celebrates 10 Years of Fintech Innovation

    Limassol, Cyprus - August 13, 2020 - It has now been 10 years since Spotware, and soon after its flagship product - cTrader, have entered the market and became the epitome of Fintech innovation. 10 years of continuous growth, development and updates, a journey that began from a new-born trading...
  4. Kelly Yeung

    ATFX Press Releases 2020

    ATFX is pushing AI, cloud computing, and big data in areas such as trading operation and market support. Following ATFX Connect‘s successful in the global from the third quarter this year, we have evolved from being recognised as a retail broker to an innovative and rapidly growing fintech...
  5. B

    Balance become USD0.00 -

    i was created account on Feb17 from and it direct me to Initially I was deposited USD250,after that one of the broker ALEXFORD ask me put another USD750 in order to get extra bonus of USD1000.she said I can withdraw my initial USD1000 after I get my bonuses.So, I...