1. J

    New Zealand FMA Warns Against

    上美国金融市场管理局 (FMA) 最近在其网站发布了针对 Leuni 和 的警告。 MA 表示:“我们认为 Leumi Vest 通过其网站进行欺诈,该网站提供投资计划并声称为投资者提供高回报。但是,我们理解投资者无法撤回他们在网站上投资的资金。” 根据 FMA 的调查,Leumi Vest 不是注册金融服务提供商,在新西兰不受监管。
  2. Amin EL-HAKIM

    ODMARKETS SCAM, let's see if the FSP truely protects clients

    For the first time in the business, an FSP licensed broker offering 30 seconds trades (they call it gold options) claims abuse. ODMARKETS offers 30 seconds Gold Options. As usual, options close at a predefined time, however the difference here is the profit isn't predefined. It means that on a...