1. K

    FM-FX Total Scam

    I have put a review in about this company but awaiting approval. We have invested $69,990 AUD and the whole lot is gone. Someone from FM-FX has shut our account down. One account manager had unauthorised access to teamviewer and saw my bank balance whilst I was doing a transfer. He was extremely...
  2. S

    fm-fx greedy toads.

    They froz my trading account and always changing my password so l could not trade the markets. I asked them to fix the account so l could trade but fmfx made excuse after excuse and it was taking so long so l wanted to withdraw my funds...well no way would they let me do that...every time l went...
  3. Jo Liu

    Resolved: FM-fx ignore me after I made a deposit of $10000.

    I am a customer of FM-fx, I send a $10000 wire transfer to FM-fx, my bank made a mistake on the country code in the IBAN, but other information were all right. And they entered the right country code on the address of bank and beneficiary. My account manager in FM-fx said they don’t receive any...
  4. D

    Resolved :FM-FX keep delaying my withdrawal

    I joined FM-FX about a month ago after looking around the web and decided to trade. I deposited $490AUD and started to make small profit. I decided that I wanted to withdraw $500AUD from my account, however after a couple days they got back to me saying that if I wanted to withdraw profit I...
  5. A

    Fmfx scams

    I have done a withdrawal request and it's been over 7 days of the process I was promised the money will go in my bank account and I'm with commonwealth bank it's has gone long enough my broker goes by the name of dae Anderson from fmfx company been ignoring my messages so please help me to get...
  6. R

    Resolved - FM-FX not paying my withdrawal request!

    I joined FM-FX in July 2017. I was persuaded into starting an account from a very smooth talking broker that had called me after i showed interest on the website. I read all the small print on available on their website and felt ok about starting the deposit process so i could start trading my...