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    Problem FM-Trader Scam Victims

    FM-Trader scam victims, we (may) have options but we need to stand together. After being defrauded in 2016, I made all attempts possible to get in touch with organizations that may be able to help me. Ultimately my details have ended up on some databases for binary options scam victims, and my...
  2. H

    FM Trader Scam

    After I signed up FMTrader someone called to guide me to deposit $250. After I deposited the money a broker called me to ask me deposit $6000 because he said he can not make money with this amount. I refused and then he asked me to deposit $250. After I deposited another $250 the next time he...
  3. H


    Do not trust fm trader. Please do not invest a penny or a cent with them. I managed to get my account up to 20000 US dollars then kept getting 10000 dollar losses. After this I was told by my stock broker bill Gerard, that I would have full trading as usual but with risk free trading. He also...
  4. R

    I was recently scammed by FM Trader

    Hi, I was recently scammed by FM trader of almost SGD1m. I was con by Simon and Shawn, I have attached a file explaining what happen. Hopefully somebody from FPA can assist me in getting my money back.
  5. G

    Online binary options trading scam - FM Trader

    I was scammed out of. About $70,000 CDN dollars by a company called FM Trader in November of 2016,I tried to get money out and could not and they lost every penny of it.I contacted them many Times with no reply or response demanding my money back and advised them that $250 was all I was going...
  6. U

    FM Trader is a scam!

    FM TRADER IS A BIG SCAMMER!!! I have lost a total of USD15,300K within two months. Initially, I only deposited 250 but after a couple of days, their Senior Broker by the name of Sophia Reigns called me to ask for more money, when I refused, she start yelling at me and says that I am not serious...
  7. P

    Warning FM Trader

    I make this appeal on behalf of my 70 year old father. Stay away from FM unless you would like to be on the business end of financial ruin, misrepresentation, exploitation and in my eyes down right theft. It doesn’t appear to have a bone of decency or honesty in its body. How else could a...
  8. FlyBoyT


    FM Trader are an absolute scam. I made some profits on my account and requested a withdrawal of 8766 USD and told my broker that it needs to be done asap as I need to pay my rent. Instead of processing my withdrawal, they would constantly put pressure on me to trade more insisting I could double...
  9. M

    FM trader scam

    FM trader is trapping first by making a call to make money in trading with little investment as low as 100 or 250 USD.Once you want to know more there broker gets into touch and makes you put the initial amount by card ,slowly he misguides you to put in more and also makes you part with...
  10. M

    FM Trader Scammed My Account to Almost Zero Balance Pending Withdrawal

    Hello traders, This is a WARNiING !!!!!!!! to everybody to stay away from SCAMMER FM TRADER. On June 7,206,I pending processing of withdrawal of profits of $ 2000.00 CAD from the winning trades of $4 026.00.through i follow social trading. FM TRADER told me that I would be contacted by Senior...