1. sebking1986

    So who attempted to trade FOMC last night?

    I imagine quite a few people felt positive on the back of last night but were still slapped by the price reaction. Personally it falls outside my active trading hours so I am always out the market for it and don't look for opportnities until the following London open. How did everyone get on?
  2. fullertonmarkets

    Watch Dollar’s Upside After Jobs Report This Friday!

    As the Fed has made the message very clear that tapering is going to happen within the year, the payroll data this Friday will become a crucial gauge. Any weaker-than-expected reading may not trigger much sell-off in the dollar. Instead, if the reading is beyond the expectations, we may see...
  3. fullertonmarkets

    10 Key Factors You Need to Know About the FOMC Meeting

    The Fed said that it will “soon” start tapering its asset purchases, with Powell indicating that it could start in November and end in mid-2022. Powell also reiterated that the central bank will most likely wait until the end of the tapering process before raising interest rates. The FOMC voted...
  4. fullertonmarkets

    Dollar to Move Higher Amid Risks and FOMC

    Stocks and US equity futures fell Monday, hurt by a slump in Hong Kong property developers and jitters ahead of the Federal Reserve meeting that’s expected to hint at moving toward paring stimulus. This caused the dollar to rise. Ten-year Treasury yields have risen ahead of the Fed meeting this...
  5. fullertonmarkets

    FOMC Meeting This Week May Support Dollar

    Global stock markets wobbled in recent weeks as bond yields rose, driven by optimism in the vaccine rollout for Covid-19 and the resumption of consumption spending. The environment of rising yield is seen as a short-term boost for the U.S. dollar. Higher interest rates in the U.S.? The recent...
  6. fullertonmarkets

    Last FOMC Meeting This Year to Arrive This Week

    Federal Reserve officials have something new to talk about in their policy meeting this week, which is to lend more support to the financial markets in 2021. This might sound a little absurd. Covid-19 infections, hospitalisations and deaths are hitting new records. States and localities are...
  7. fullertonmarkets

    FOMC Meeting Last Week Offered Little Support To Risk Assets

    The US Central Bank emphasised that it has a powerful new monetary policy road map for returning the US to full employment and lifting inflation temporarily above 2%. Is the market convinced by this ambitious goal? Confronted by a pandemic that has devastated the economy, Federal Reserve...
  8. TendencyForex

    Quick Take: FOMC Minutes

    By the traders, For the traders. TradeCopy, MAM Account service is available in