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    FTMarkets-sàn giao dịch ngoại hối chuyên nghiệp, điểm tới vững tin của bạn!

    FTMmarkets于2005年在法国的FTMmarkets推出了higungoạihốinổitiếnggiới。CôngtyđượcđăngkýtheoluậtcủaQuầnđảoVirginthuộcVươngquốcAnh theosốđăngký1986833。Cóchinhánhtrênkhắpthgiớivớisốnhânviênhơn1000。FTMmarket cungcấpdịchvụgiaodịchtrựctuyến24hvớihơn40sảnphẩmtàichíhhtoàncầud ngnhưngoạihối,hànghóavàchỉs...
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    New Forex Stuff My Best Forex Indicators

    This is My Best Forex Indicators for the MT4 platform. These indicators work for each timeframe, you can use for M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1 ...., but my recommendation is to use only with H1 or H4 or M30 These indicators also provide signals for binary options for maximum of 1-5 minutes of...
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    Forex 21 Deceptive Advertising

    I've just been scammed by Alexander of Forex 21. I purchased a new EA 3 weeks ago called Forex Force EA. The quality sale pitch page says at the end: Special Offer For a short period of time Forex Force is available for an introducing price of 199.00 USD. There are no recurring fees or any...
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    PowerFlow EA (

    Hi, Please be aware of this EA. I lost 50% of my account and after publicly questioning the vendor's account ( In a very polite way..vendor just blocked me. His website is,13
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    Request For Advice & Intervention With Forex21 (Partnership Issues)

    Good day, I want to thank the FPA for giving me the opportunity to solicit and request the assistance of fellow traders and the FPA in this forum concerning my issue. I enrolled as an affiliate/partner with Forex21 - formerly known as Forexeasystems the then developers of EA Shark. They are...