forex 4 you

  1. nvtho


    Please support me, I have problem during trading at FOREX4YOU broker ( In May. 21st, 20 during trade with order buy WTI, at that time my order ~ +39$, I tried tu close by manual but can’t and report “NO PRICE” (refer picture) I setup TP, but price move to over TP...
  2. Amin EL-HAKIM

    Forex4you referral scam alert

    Hello I've been scammed by this company which suddenly decided not to pay me my referral commissions claiming I violated their KYC rules but not disclosing any other information. Noting that I have been their client since 2008. I guess they found it's cheaper just to use this trick, although I...
  3. celo008

    Forex4you - Do not execute pending order in price placed.

    26-04 open Buy 2.0 lots AAPL stock (See image the purchase order) As protection put 4 Sell Stop 2:50 between prices: Sell stop 0.50 /103.90 Sell stop 0.50 /103.80 Sell Stop 0.50 /103.50 Sell Stop 1.00 /103.40 But 27-04 when opening the market did not take the price set yesterday. 4...
  4. A

    Forex4you closed all my EURCAD in 0.9992 !!! (E-Global Trade & Finance Group)

    I am a long term trader I had 3 long EURCAD positions since 1 month ago (open prices: 1.3110, 1.3187,1.3366) all of them in profit. Yesterday I checked my account 3-4 times everything was ok. Balance was 3100$ profit was 21000$ but when I woke up this morning, I see equity of zero!! The...
  5. BangashFX

    Resolved - Forex4You "eat up clien'ts money"

    Forex4You is just another broker which merely wants to "eat up clien'ts money". I deposited some amount. Later when I was withdrawing, they returned only 50% while keeping the remaining 50% with themselves. Their plea was that the account was not 100% verified, so asked for bank acct...
  6. xtrad

    Forex4you broker ( Big problem or Sc...!!!

    Hello i opened account in about 2month ago ,some friends advise forex4you to me. i thought it is good broker but now i tell you it is not good for large invest such as me (more than 50,000$) because they treat is completely different!! Sl and Tp does not work or changed untill...
  7. I

    FOREX4YOU manipulates spread to wipeout profit making accounts

    hello all, i am a victim of forex4you spread manipulation and account wipeout. i hav a cent ndd account 3197997 with forex4you. During my trading with the company i hav come across a common malpractice of increasing the spread of a running trade to effectively cause a wipeout and make the...
  8. A


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