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  1. ElaineMDG

    UGHH...US Taxes question

    OK, First, sorry, I understand this is only applicable for US traders: but I gotta ask. I got my once-a-year phone call from my brother several hours ago. Long story short, instead of "Happy Birthday!", I got a LONG lecture about how FOREX trading is going to screw-up whatever life I have left...
  2. comingbacksoon


    I MADE OVER 8000JD= 11,000 USD and verytime if i got a bad connection during deposit or trying to chrageback scammers they claim tat CASH U not accepting withdrawal and that there is no rule to do so, and that happens with optionbit and tow other brokers will mention them asap ,But belive me be...
  3. S

    Beginner need help and insight!!

    Hello my fellow FPA members, I am new to the whole Forex trading game. I have opened an account with a company based in London called Netotrade. I read what was said about the company here, and personally I am a little confused. To me the company seems legit (novice, so no real clue), and I...
  4. zebrafx

    Overbought and oversold

    Overbought and oversold are terms often used by traders, but what do they actually mean? In today’s article we’ll discuss them in more detail. An important aspect of trading is to recognize extremes. This is what we mean by overbought and oversold conditions in the market. Take a look at the...
  5. zebrafx

    Lessons from legendary traders: “the most quoted man on wall street” gerald loeb

    Gerald Loeb was born in 1899. Loeb began his career in 1921 in the age of 21 in the bond department of a securities firm in San Francisco. In 1924 he moved to New York after joining E. F. Hutton & Co. He became a vice-chairman of the board, when the company incorporated in 1962. Gerald Loeb...
  6. Damon

    Pellucid FX - Offshore Forex Brokerage - Opens Doors

    Hello, My name is Damon hunt, I am a Forex trader and until recently I managed accounts. Now I am founder and director of Pellucid FX. Please refer to a discussion I started on FPA in June 2011 "Can we build a better brokerage" for a more in-depth history of Pellucid FX I founded Pellucid...