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  1. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Multiple Time Frame Analysis for Forex Traders

    This well written, illustrated article explains to traders how to conduct a multiple time frame analysis of any currency pair, individual currency, or the entire market across 28 pairs. It explains how to set up the basic trend indicators and exact procedures. It includes examples of how to...
  2. Mark Mc Donnell1

    New Forex Stuff Forex Trend Indicator Setup, Trading Plan Guide

    Here are some simple trend indicators for conducting trend analysis of any pair, any currency or the entire forex market. These trend indicators are easy to set up and can be used by any forex trader. These trend indicators are for...
  3. luckyanand12

    Daily technical & fundamental analysis for multi-forex pairs

    I used to post my analysis in which I have moved here. You can go to that thread for older posts.
  4. luckyanand12

    Daily Technical and Fundamental analysis for multi pairs.

    This is where I will share my view/analysis with graphs and supporting economic ideas. I owe a great deal to Sive Morten whose influence you will see in my technical analysis. I have been using Sive's style to analyse since 2011. Now, I feel like I must also contribute/share my trading ideas...
  5. AMarkets.

    AMarkets - Daily Market Analysis

    Dear forum guests, Here we are planning to post daily market analysis and forecast by AMarkets.
  6. TradeWiseFx

    TradeWiseFX Regular Market Updates

    Latest news, updates from market around the world by TradeWiseFX New York Forex Report: Markets Await Key US Data New York Forex Report: Traders finally have some key US data in the offing over today;s US session, to break up an otherwise quiet week. March Retail Sales are duet out at 1330GMT...
  7. Vantage FX

    Vantage FX Chart of the Day

    Good Morning Forex Peace Army! Within each Vantage FX Daily Market Update, there is a featured section called Chart of the Day. The idea is for the chart to be a clear, actionable setup that can help you with your trading decisions for the day and we'll be keeping track of them as a journal...
  8. Vantage FX

    Vantage FX Daily Market Update

    Good Morning Forex Peace Army! Each morning one of our Market Analysts posts a Daily Market Update blog to the Vantage FX News Centre. We will now be sharing these posts with the Forex Peace Army community inside this thread. We'd love to hear your opinion on any of the themes and charts...
  9. Mark Mc Donnell

    Today's EUR/JPY and CHF/JPY Sell Signals

    Today in forex trading the JPY was strong on all pairs. The EUR/JPY and CHF/JPY sold off and the EUR/JPY is in a strong downtrend on the larger time frames and should continue lower. Check the trade signal and chart showing the sell of of these pairs today on the attached images. For a...

    Market Overview by FiboGroup - 2015

    The Australian dollar touched a fresh 5.5 year low in today’s trade as the US dollar continues to rally and fears of a slowdown in China this year weighed on the currency The Aussie dollar briefly hit US80.35 cents today, its lowest level since July 2009. The US Federal Reserve is widely...
  11. zebrafx

    Lessons from legendary traders: “investor’s business daily man” william o’neil

    “The whole secret to winning and losing in the stock market is to lose the least amount possible when you’re not right.” – William O’Neil William O’Neil was born on March 25th, 1933 in Oklahoma City. He studied business at the Southern Methodist University. After receiving his Bachelor’s...
  12. Admiral Markets

    Fundamental Analysis by Admiral Markets

    Dear Traders, Forex Market, the largest financial market having $5.3 trillion of daily volume, doesn’t work on a gist. It is backed by various economic, political, environmental and other relevant factors. Fundamental analysis studies the strengths and weakness of an economy based on the...
  13. F

    Euro hits new 5-year high against yen - FXNET Market Overview

    The euro and sterling edged higher in Asia today, while the dollar was little changed against the yen. There were no key economic data releases during the session, and market sentiment kept yesterday’s risk-on mood, continuing from Friday’s upbeat US jobs numbers. The euro climbed to a...
  14. moneytree123

    Weekly Analysis By BOAFX Trading Signal Solutions

    Trade with me in the live room AUD/USD What a down turn we had last week, a nice sizable trend that people were able to get their teeth into . The price has even dipped below the breakout point of the double bottom pattern that was witnessed between August and September. The coming week...
  15. moneytree123

    Weekly analysis by BOAFX Trading Signal Solutions

    Follow my Signals Completely Free AUD/USD The bearish trend continued through our tight stop loss last week and executed the sell trade. We are currently at 0.9438 but I will be looking for a take profit around 0.9278. However I will be locking in some profit around the previous swing high...
  16. moneytree123

    Weekly analysis by BOAFX Trading Signal Solutions

    AUD/USD The bulls won the battle after the AUD hit 0.9287 level we re-hit the last weeks target of 0.9400 which was extended to 0.9457. There is resistance at 0.9438 the R2 level on the daily pivot points. I will be expecting to a channel to form between 0.9424 and 0.9448 briefly before a...
  17. moneytree123

    Weekly analysis by BOAFX Trading Signal Solutions

    AUD/USD As we expected the bearish trend rested on the 0.9342 level before making a return to the bullish trend, unfortunately this was short lived and it only hit the 0.9403 level before going bearish for the rest of the week. We are however resting on the next support of 0.9315 but I am...
  18. moneytree123

    Weekly analysis by BOAFX Trading Signal Solutions

    I am expanding my reach and posting my analysis beyond my own forum hope you get some winning trades from my efforts AUD/USD As we expected the bearish trend rested on the 0.9342 level before making a return to the bullish trend, unfortunately this was short lived and it only hit the...