forex books

  1. ElaineMDG

    A BUNCH of e-Books

    For beginners-and there's a couple of other pages on this site with more "advanced" collections (for psychology, money mgt, strategies, etc). There's at least a couple here that are pretty good, most of them are fairly dated though. Also, after checking these and the ebooks on the strategy...
  2. ElaineMDG

    Opinion on 2 Trading books?

    I downloaded an Audiobook app for my iPad last night as I have to go out of town for an appt next week and wanted something to listen to during the 4+HR ride. I assumed it would just be all those old "Classics" that are available on Librivox, but this app actually has quite a good collection of...
  3. Eric Alyea

    Book List

    I would like to propose that we have an educational book list in the “Beginners Bootcamp” section. I’m not sure what the rules are, if that is considered promotion or commercial, etc., but if allowed the people that have rank can post what they liked to learn from and their progressive favorites.