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  1. danielwale

    Has anyone here heard about in Nigeria?

    Hi guyz! has anyone heard or using they are in Nigeria. I was told that they are the best! any info about them pls?
  2. J

    Forex broker for US residents?

    Anyone got recommendations for a FOREX broker outside of US that plays fair and accepts US residents? I'm looking for a broker that has 200:1 Margin and you haven't had any issues withdrawing money. Thanks! FPA Forums Team Note: Recommending companies in General Forex Talk is a fast way to get...
  3. shuvo701

    Forex loosing Solution SPAM BY AFFILIATE #0008 of

    Hello I would like to take a moment of your time to present SOME SPAM ABOUT our Managed Trading services to you. What you are about to read has not been offered before from ANY Forex Vendor and we are very happy to earn your business the hard way by putting our money where our mouths are! THE...
  4. Enfinium

    WebTrader Platform Goes Live Successfully Completing Vantage FX’s 2012 Expanded Offering

    December, 2012 - Sydney, Australia Following leading Forex provider Vantage FX’s successful beta-test of their new Vantage FX WebTrader Platform, the team has announced the platform is ready for live trading. Vantage FX clients will now be able to trade live on the new WebTrader Platform from...
  5. C

    Anticipating This Week's Currency Drivers

    Currency markets last Friday continued to digest Thursday's statement from ECB President Draghi, trying to glean how markets will be influenced by such changes. No doubt rumours will continue to swirl until we get confirmation of the ECB intentions, which will probably be finalized at the press...
  6. C

    Speculators Increase USD Long and Euro Short

    Once again currency futures speculators increased their euro and Swiss franc shorts. The total euro short advanced to 204,608 contracts and the SF to 35,035. Since the Swiss National Bank has pegged the franc with the euro, the franc is merely a proxy for the euro. Specs also have a large...