forex rebates

  1. iwillsurvive

    Fx Discounts and Rebates Pepperstone Rebates – $4.0 Standard, $0.8 Edge, $0.9 cTrader

    Hi Traders, I am Linton, an IB partner with Pepperstone from Abundance Trading Group Forex Rebates and offer the following rebates for your Pepperstone account: To open a Pepperstone account (standard or Razor on MT4 or cTrader) with the above rebates click here The Razor account is for...
  2. iwillsurvive

    Fx Discounts and Rebates Orbex Forex Rebates | Best rate for ECN advanced accts $3 per rt

    Receive the BEST rate when you open an ECN advanced account with Orbex. (Raw spread + commission) Discounted commissions of $3 per rt (Best rate globally!) for ECN advanced accounts (min deposit $25k). Original commission rate is $6 per rt. Full details: Discounted commission rate for ECN...
  3. iwillsurvive

    Fx Discounts and Rebates Tickmill 5% commission discount (formerly Armada Markets ) - Abundance Trading Group

    Hi all, Abundance Trading Group is offering a 5% commission discount on Tickmill You pay 3.8 notional per rt instead of 4 notional per rt. Notional means if you trade EURUSD, the commission charged is 3.8 Euros per rt, while if you trade AUDUSD, the comission charged is 3.8 AUD per rt...