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  1. E

    Resolved: Can’t withdraw funds from FXTM

    I’m a Russian citizen, legally residing and working in Thailand for 25 years. Originally when I opened MT5 account my passport was verified so did my Thai Tax ID. But my resident docs were rejected (bills with my address). But Forex tok took 556 usd very easily. Before I start putting more...
  2. D

    Problem Can't get FXTM to verify my account and let me withdraw.

    I recently grew interest in trading, and as a new trader I stumbled upon FXTM, I unfortunately had only about $8 and according to their transfer limit for my country(Nigeria) I could send that, after this they said they would open a trading account for me, which they did, but they didn’t...
  3. Pateeto

    Problem Payment Verification and Withdrawal with Fxtm

    I joined FXTM in 2022 and never made any attempt to make a withdrawal, whenever my account runs down, i was always refunding it but sometime in August 2023, i made an attempt to withdraw $10 from my account but my withdrawal was not effected. On their website they said withdrawal to local bank...
  4. viktop


    I applied for a withdrawal of $34.59 from my trading account on 8th February, 2021 and up to this moment I have not received the money in my account. I contacted my fxtm account manager, Mr. Ahmed on Tuesday and he assured me that the money will surely reflect in my account before the end of...
  5. O

    FXTM wipe away from my account All my profit

    All the profit I made trading on the 4th of January 2021 . Please I want them to put back my money
  6. Malaysia Trader

    LUCAKEN Scam a.k.a FXTM analyst

    Dear all, I was scammed by this person @LucaKen USD 1200 on crypto investment. Kindly be careful on his promotions. He will add u to his group with 5000 members ask u to send money USD 800 by btc . Promises return in 24hrs. Then charge you USD 400 as charge fees. And when its time to return...
  7. N

    ForexTime(FXTM) scamed $4637+profit+ bonus

    I have opened account on the 12 of December 2017, they have scammed 4637+profit and bonus from me by 1 January. They looted all my money by fake stop-out. My trading account number is ECNZero2082666, the stop out and the spread was manipulative. when i am keeping watching they delete my...
  8. aariapoor

    FXTM forced stop-out before a big potential WIN

    At 14th Apr. 2017 FXTM stopped me out with nearly 100% margin level (1 min before) when market was moving in my favor, I contact them several times but they were just repeating you become stopped out because your margin level reached to 20% (as if I don't know when stop-out happens o_O), so I...
  9. F

    Error debit alert - fxtm

    On the 3rd March, 2017 at about 07:23:49 Nigerian time, i took a position to sell Silver at a price level of 17.741 with ticket number 1811557456 on a lots size of 0.1 and a total of $687.50 was automatically deducted from my trading account size of just $760 and thereafter i was immediately...
  10. H


    Hello I do like to share live trading experience with FXTM Fraud broker ,Mt4 account no ;2524290 they manipulate your trades in very cunning way, So below i have attached my complete trade history & Mt4 chart
  11. liam9587

    FXTM refused to take responsibility after causing customer loss

    At 03.31am UTC/GMT+7, November 16th 2016, I deposited US$400 into my FXTM account, and I've got a sms notification from HSBC for that transaction as proof of time the bank processes that transaction. Mysteriously that transaction has stayed pending until 08:00pm UTC/GMT+7 same day at FXTM...