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    fxlivedaytrading - Live Trading Room 90 Day Challenge

    Hello Traders, We are announcing our 90 day challenge progress report with our live trading room and our forex signals. We are almost done with our first month. Here is the first video for the trading challenge review. We will start to post most trades this week. Here is our Forex Trading...
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    Fxlivedaytrading Journal, We are going to post the trade journal of BT our head trader who is considered one of the best Coaches in Forex on the web. Here is a video he made last night, since today there were no trades taken on our forex day trading room.
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    Forex Day Trading Room

    Greetings, I want to introduce to you all a NEW blog. This is a blog that will be shared with two traders who currently run trading rooms. They will post their daily adventures here. We decided to make one complete blog site to organize the trades better. Enjoy! Forex Day Trading Room -...