1. A

    Which account should be preferred for a forex beginner?

    Hello, When a person is interested in doing Forex trading, he or she has to face a lots of confusions about account types, initial deposit, spread, leverage, profit withdrawal option and lot more related. I have already practiced demo on two Forex brokers all about three months and still I am...
  2. CryptoPopo

    Google will ban ads regarding ICO starting June?

    I got info that Google are going to ban ads related to coins starting June. I believe that this will decrease the price of coins significantly. Not sure yet, but does anyone have more information? If so, I'd rather sell all my coins before June.
  3. CryptoPopo

    How To Train Your Trading Psychology

    Here's a really good way of improving your trading psychology : Make demo accounts 'like' real accounts : Say you wanted to deposit $100 in your real account. A good way to train is through trading in demo account but with a budget of $100, no less. So you would always keep the principle of...
  4. N

    Fx Discounts and Rebates 50% DEPOSIT BONUS - NatureForex (NFX) -

    NatureForex gives you additional funds equal to the 50% of your single online deposit. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! NatureForex's 50% Web Deposit Bonus allows you to: Handle bigger risks with smaller capital Implement the BONUS within 24 HOURS* Transfer BONUS profits into your balance** * If...
  5. alex4winners

    Daily market watch

    Hello, this will be a thread of the daily market watch by signals4winners.
  6. L

    Hello - Strategies and Tips

    Hello Everyone New Member at FPA (been around for more than 3 months, recently decided to join the group). Hope to enjoy my stay here (I think I will from what I've seen so far). I've started the training course here, and I would like to know where to address myself to check for trustable...
  7. T

    Forex Market News And Analysis

    GBPJPY demand helps to underpin the pound Decent buying interest in GBPJPY and currently just off session highs 15 Aug A solid move from 142.20 to 143.03 has helped underpin GBPUSD at 1.2950 (where option expiry interest yesterday first played out) and cap EURGBP into 0.9100. I've often...
  8. H

    Help Wanted 100$ minimum per client! Join for free

    About AndyW: AndyW is a content site in the field of forex/commodity/indices trading, which allows users to watch Andy's trading operation LIVE. Andy has 10 years of experience in trading and developing technical models. All of Andy's trading activity are fully and openly shared with all the...
  9. D

    Unpaid commissions

    The matter is rather simple. I became an Introducing broker of GAIN Capital - UK Limited( that is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA No. 190864.) on April 27th by signing the contract with them which is attached to this letter and they also sent me payment...
  10. M

    Charting Issues with FOREX.COM that can wipe your account in few seconds!!!

    Hello, I would like to share my experience using FOREX.COM with live account. I have been trading for more than 5 years, never been successful at it. At a point I stoped completelly. Then decided to get back to it. I openend a demo acount, in 7 days I turned 50 000$ to 2 050 000.00$ so I...
  11. S

    GFT or newly acquired by Capital is scam

    GFT operates forex trading via 2 systems main-Dealbook account and MT4 account.I opened an MT4 account.MT4 requires to fetch updated data from Dealbook server when syncing.For any positions still remain open,MT4 will create numerous syncing known as AAS(AutoAccountSync).This caused my account to...
  12. H take $19276 from my account without reason. Account disabled.

    I am a day trader. I have a major account with with around $204k. I trade with for over one year. over all is profiting but not very much and not that consistent. total profit is around $50000. On oct 15, 2014, I made about$11000. However, the next day I found my account is...
  13. I

    Hi ALL

    New to the forum and looking to invest in forex and dividends.
  14. inthemoneystocks

    Is The U.S. Dollar Bull Market Over?

    The U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) has been soaring higher since September 2014. At that time, the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) traded around $85.00 per contract. Today, the U.S. Dollar Index is trading around $99.75 per contract. Many talking heads on the financial television channels are calling for a...
  15. Lewis Glasgow

    Harmonic Trading by Lewis Glasgow

    Welcome traders! Here you will find detailed analysis across various financial markets such as currencies, commodities and cryptocurrencies. My approach to the market is primarily based on technical analysis, using harmonic price patterns with a main focus on market confluence to depict my...
  16. Lewis Glasgow

    Investing Education by Lewis Glasgow

    Welcome traders! Here you will find investing related articles ranging from trading psychology to general risk and money management. I regularly contribute free educational content for various leading investing websites and from now on I'll be doing the same here for everyone at Forex Peace...
  17. A

    My story with Gain Capital (forex .com) UK

    Hi , Guys Traders Court!! What can I say its absolutely brilliant and also very sad After reading all the cases I decided to share my story . Case as follows Broker Name; Gain Capital ( UK Subject; Manifest Error CFD Product; WTI Crude oil On the 12 September...
  18. I suddenly lowers the rollover rates!

    On Friday, just before the market closed, suddenly decided to completely refuse paying rollovers, so they reduced the swaps for NZD, AUD and some other high-yield currencies to zero, while at the same time reducing any remaining positive swaps and increasing the negative ones. Is...
  19. W

    WinThisCase - Finding the right lawyer to Win your case!!

    About We are an agency specializing in legal case lead generation and distribution. Our lawyers specialize in: Financial scams Divorce Personal injury Inheritance and probate claims Real estate and conveyancing Debt collection Our Vision is to create a space to...
  20. S

    свопы uk

    поменяли свопы компания GAIN UK Limited .Вот как они выглядат20852377 2012.05.07 21:51 balance R/O -9,000 GBP/CAD @ -0.10 -0.09 20852378 2012.05.07 21:51 balance R/O +25,000 EUR/GBP @ 0.30 -1.22 20852379 2012.05.07 21:51 balance R/O +120,000 EUR/CHF @ 0.20 -2.60 20852380...