1. D

    Forexblvd is trying to fool people

    I being trading forex for a year but this company is playing me around a lot lately When I go to log in message comes up with blocked widget on website and not allowing me to access my account I have deposited a large amont of money with them and I raised several problems to there attention and...
  2. forexblvdsucks

    Forex Boulevard won't allow me to withdraw my money

    In mid April this year I got a phonecall from a man named Michael Dobson. He said he was calling from ForexPrime. He asked me if I knew what was currently going on in the market. I told him I didn't and he also asked me if I had any experience trading and I told him I had tried binary options...
  3. E


    My name is Eduardo Sierra, Im from Mexico Citye, I opened my account with on June 23 with 3000 USD I´m going to try to make the story as short as posible, but this month has been a total nighmare with this site. I started trading winning some position and losing some but...
  4. V

    FX-inter/ Inter Global not returning profits

    I opened an account with and deposited $2000. With the help of a broker the account size grew to $10000. I was then phoned and told that I immediately had to move my funds across to another broker( as fx-inter was closing down and if I didn't do it I would lose all my...
  5. G

    This company should be avoided with any price. The brokers are unprofessional, and they trade only for company's profits. The comissions are huge, the spreads are from 10pips and higher, the swap is bigger than any of your profit. They took over my accoun worth of ten of thousand and in less...
  6. E

    Forex Boulevard from London is Scam is scam. Their have a scam forex platform and your deposit in crude oil, and your trade lost all money in 24 hrs.