1. T SCAM

    Hello, My account with had $567 USD when I last traded in 2016. Then in Jan 2017 I tried to log into my account but I couldn't . So i contacted ForexBrokerInc through their emails listed on their website. After my several emails, they replied that I can either withdraw my...
  2. D

    SCAM!! Forex Broker Inc & Global Noble Services LLC

    BEWARE!! DON'T PLACE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS BROKER!!! I have an account with this broker. I have requested a withdrawal 5 weeks ago now and it still has not been processed!! I have called them several times, and every time I get the same excuse- "your withdrawal is with the accounting department...
  3. H

    Forexbrokerinc not withdrawing profits.

    Fellow traders, After giving what I believe to be adequate time for the resolution of my issue, I have decided to begin this thread to highlight my grievance with forexbrokeinc. I have been trading on and off with forexbrokerinc since 2013 without any major issues. However my recent experience...
  4. Anomilus

    Discuss ForexBrokerInc and FXChoice

    I just received an email from ForexBrokerInc suggesting that their existing clients go to FXChoice to resume trading. Not transferring accounts, but we as clients should open new accounts over there? This is highly suspicious. For starters, we are only 8 days out from the magical October 7th...
  5. P

    scam alert: forexbrokerinc. they don't withdraw your profits!

    hello traders don't join this company! I'm an consistent profitable trader and after withdraw my initial deposit (capital), I dind't get till now a wire transfer withdraw of $500 sinds (6 of july processed day) it have passed 7 business days. NOTE: withdraw request amount of $1000 (got...
  6. vontogr

    Resolved - SCAM broker: Forex Broker Inc aka Noble Services Ltd.

    Forex Broker Inc | Forex Trading | CFD Trading This broker has quite good portal and good references. However it is a scam. It is not regulated! They steal your money! I have opened several accounts with them and start trading. Everything gone well and I make some small profit. IM...
  7. F

    Forex broker inc is a scam broker they are stealing my profits traders beware

    MY DISPUTE WITH FOREX BROKERS INC. Forex Broker Inc | Forex Trading | CFD Trading On or about Oct 17th 2012 I received a promotional email from forex brokers inc. offering me a no deposit 100 dollar bonus to trade my account. I was very excited for this opportunity and decided to share...
  8. victor preda

    SPAM for ForexBrokerInc

    nice to be next to your vibrant minds, dear folks. a humble notice you'd want to take advantage: i use ForexBrokerInc. & i am : DELIGHTED! responsible, accomodating & FAAAAST! you will make $ with this brokerage, thanks Spam Cat is not amused to find this inside the FPA's Daily Trading Signals.
  9. A


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