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    Complain against

    Complain against I was among clients for, I invested $5,000 on 18 November 2019, Since then my profits were increasing day after day, till my margin reached $13,428 but what happened after that, on 12 December 2019 midnight I lost everything which it seems to...
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    I have faced a fraud by and alert all to avoide this broker.

    My name is allah daad and i am 46 year old man and in forex trading since last 11 years. My account with forexchief is 1215495 witch i have registered at 10.5.19 to get there 100 $ wellcome bonus for cheking there services.but when i read the rivews about this broker then i was afraid to choose...
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    Resolved: Forex chief is a big scam and thief run away from them.

    Hello dear fpa members, forex chief scammed and fraudulently canceled my withdrawal with false allegation and fraudulently reason. I heard of them 2wks ago and I joined them and got their no deposit bonus with verified documents. I traded their requirements turnover on the bonus which is...