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    Forexct is a scam

    My case file So I was casually talking to them until when I wanted to withdraw 1k instead they did 3k to tip the scales to their favour. I contacted and my money from credit card and my virtual funds was being stolen by them. I had contacted them dod everything even blocked my credit card...
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    Forexct is a scam

    They block my account and do not allow me to withdrawal money from 6 March. They hold all of my money now. I non stop deposit money to my account. DEC 2013: US92000 JAN 2014: US15000 FEB 2014: US73000 My account manager encouraged me and processed my money so fast when I made the...
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    ForexCT blocked my account without any reasons

    I’ve been trading with this company for few months. Thing are going smooth until 6 March. They sent me an email “we are investigating a number of irregularities that are linked to your trading account. “ They blocked my account and claimed that at least take 30 business days to conduct this...
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    I first joined this company at December 2009. they converted my AU$ to US$ without my permission. I was been told they do this to every trader, since they only use US$ as base currency. leading me loss by this, now they argue they put this rule in the PDS, actually they nevr did. they never...
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    forexct - Resolved

    Forexct (regulated in australia) blocked my account and is not giving me back my money. they claim to "investigate" .This "investigation" may take several weeks to complete....They did not give any reason, only "trading irregularities"