1. A (was

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  2. M

    Price manipulation by forex broker

    Today is Saturday and FX market is closed. I did trade on Friday and mostly went lost due to changing the direction of the market movement and I have tried to find out the reason behind the sudden movement and ultimately discovered unpleasant things that my broker manipulated the price...
  3. Keka Brownies

    ABANDONED (NetStock) Leverage Scam

    Hello. I'am really sad. Today, I prefer to try to forget, all the robberies that has been doing to me, over, and over again, this "pseudobroker", who, everything does the same, and I have many proofs, that will let other show, what they do. But mostly, today, for example, I trade with 30 euros...
  4. Ekaterina Fechina

    Analysis from a European broker

    Analysis from a European broker Look to the future with us! Dear forum guests, we invite you to use a weekly analysis from our company Many traders, especially beginners, are constantly forced to spend a lot of time to earn a profit on Forex market. It takes a lot of...