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    Smirnov Vitaliy's HSP robot BIG SCAM!!!

    I've bought a robot from a woman name Smirnov VItaliy from Facebook. The robot price is $1500, but I was given a discount to $1200. I paid her by installment, $200 per month. After I made the first payment, she kept her promise and sent her robot; but not the manual. She explained that many...
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    GUILTY Case# 2013-032 | nzfriendlee vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: My story starts from buying an EA from a man whose name is Churls McMilan. After paying fee for the EA he guided me to open an account with (Global Clearing Group). He said...
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    Please help me! - Big Scam. They do not refund my 4,500$ - Big Scammer. Dear Members, I am under a terrible nightmare at the moment – please help me! I have deposited 4,000 $ to GCG Forex, GCG Forex , 1 pips spread on all currencies to open an account (They said they received it well.) Then they asked me to pay 500$ to enable EA...