1. Z is a SCAM !!!

    This EA constantly gets margin calls, even with 0.01 lot size on 10K account. So I tried to get a refund ( according to their website no question asked , 100% money back guarantee ) , but they are ignoring my requests, but they answer other questions other than refund. I feel stupid and...
  2. C

    ForexHacked - Do not even try it before you read this

    On 10 March 2011, I read the promotional reviews on ForexHacked EA in, and decided to give it a try. I then purchased ForexHacked EA for USD144.49. The original price was USD169.99, and I was able to get a 15% discount using the promo code shown on I also felt...
  3. N

    forexhacked scam

    The system is useless and I have asked multiple times for my 100% refund and have had no response. How many others?
  4. M


    I have been trying for weeks to get a refund from Forexhacked. The problem I have is with their support, which apparently boils down to a 15 year old in a garage with a laptop. I have never been able to get their program working on my platform. I've contacted Forexhacked many times, sent many...
  5. B

    ForexHacked are cheating

    Attention, the guys of ForexHacked don't stay to their money back guarantee! I purchased the EA on 4th of March and tested it first on a demo account with Alpari. In just two week’s time I had a big loss of 4671,79 EUR in spite of very conservative settings adjustements (lots 0.05, max...