1. S

    Forexhunt Scam ( dont win money cause you never get the money when you win)

    My account 22954. forexhunt cheated my money. when i win the profit , it show me that i open an acc with the other acc in same ip. It is crazy reason to reject my profit. Why forex company meet finance problem and will use this kind of reason to reject the payment or cancel the investor profit...
  2. L

    Forexhunt cheated , lied , Scam

    Now i found that other investor also meet same problem , they open an account using same computer and trade at different ip and company also cut the profit. i think forexhunt meet a finance problem and use this way to cancel the clients profit . Last time i check here and company didnt make...
  3. L

    Forex Hunt cancel my profit and my friend's profit

    I have open an account,num 23231 at company forexhunt last week and deposit 500LR get some bonus. Starting i trade and win some then i invite 3 friends to join this company. 4 of us are come from different village but stay nearly at city kuala lumpur. 3 of my friends house dont have internet ...
  4. M

    the crazy Forexhunt cut my profit

    i open an forexhunt account at my friend's computer and now i found that cause of this problem , Forexhunt cut my profit and send me this email : Hello! We noticed the break of the term of Public Offer Agreement on your trading account. The openining (closing) of the...
  5. H

    Is it forexhunt Cheated company ?

    Starting i think i am only victim in this company. Now i found that still got many investor involve in this company. I join this company cause my friend intro to me , and he stop trading when lose all the money. Lose money i cant said anything , but now earn money and forexhunt cut my...
  6. williamloon


    pls beware of forexhunt, i already deposit $500 into this company, after i won a game, i request withdraal of $580, but more than a week still nothing happen. live chat or even icq with their financial department only will keep saying will be done soon. but also nothing happen after the...
  7. I

    forexhunt is scam

    stay away from this scam for 10 days my withdrawal was just dalay and evry day i contact the finance department and thay promise me to give me my monay tomorrow and in the next day nothing happened and forex hunt is scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam today morning both the finance departmentand the partner...
  8. AsstModerator

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