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    Forex Metal Dont return my deposit

    2-3 months ago i join forex metal as they advertise that a 100 bonous will be given whithout the need to deposit as long as you trade a total of 50 lots in order to redeem the 100 bonous, after i trade around 40 plus lots i email them for a withdrawal they send me an email We would like to...
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    Forex Metal RIPPED US OFF!!! Names REVEALED! ( too!)

    We expose Forex Metal and owner VLADISLAV KOGAN (Born 1973, living in Sydney, Australia) in this Video: (To read all details, PAUSE THE VIDEO often.) 00:00 Our story 00:21 Forex Metal web site 00:25 Victims 02.54 Forex Conclusions review 03:31 How Forex Metal describes itself 04:35...
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    Forex Metal - Resolved

    Hi, I am writing this because I need help to withdraw fund from Forex Metal, I try 3 times in the last 2 weeks, but still didn't received my withdraw request yet. The withdraw amount is about $3000, can any one help?
  4. R deleted all my clients on IB account

    I had about 50+ clients on my IB account ... Suddenly they are all deleted and i got 0 clients and 0 commission on my IB account. I tried contacting them on the website s' live support and it took me 1 hour waiting for someone to answer me and nobody answered. I contacted them on Skypee...