1. D

    assistance with the recovery of Forexsteam software

    Good day I bought the FOREXSTEAM software two weeks ago. After installation of the software, I see the SL is set to 90 and the TP is set to 10. I request my money back from Forexsteam, but with no success. I also indicate to them that their entry points are wrong and that the market first...
  2. L

    Forex Steam

    Please help me to get a refund from They claim 30-day refund policy if you submit a statement whether it has positive or negative results for a period of 15 days. I submitted it and e-mailed them few times, but nobody responded to me. I have a receipt with order ID showing that I...
  3. Michigander

    Forex Steam. No Trades and no support.

    Just wanted to share my experiences with Forex Steam. Purchase and install went well. Instructions are well written. That's where the kudo's end. The system would not take a trade. Support is by email only with 1 to 2 days between every answer. Only suggestions were to toggle some of their...