1. S

    problem with Forex yard

    I have an account with forex yard. I have been trading with them for more than a year. this account has open positions and these position causing draw down more than 50 percent. amount is more than 17 k. recently the company decided to close these position with the current loss for no clear...
  2. P

    Forexyard SCam-

    I have been tired of this broker.I talked to support more than 20 times,every time they say soon soon.I wrote they 25 emails but only to no avail.They are a big scam.Do not invest with them.My withdrawal is pending for more than 20 days.They are a big scam..I am attaching the printscreen of my...
  3. W

    ** BEWARE U.S. INVESTORS ** I setup an account, funded the account, and then decided to go with another brokerage that I was more familar. I made a withdrawal request 06May10 and I'm still waiting on the money. I've made several phone calls (at 10am/CST) and asked to speak with someone that...
  4. G

    Forexyard Chart Data Delayed by minutes without notice.

    I've been a big fan of the ActFx Platform, despite Forexyard's rather laughable and rude support. However just several weeks ago I encountered a serious problem that still has gone unsolved and has cost me hundreds of dollars. My live chart data was delayed by minutes without notice. The...
  5. Wildpips

    ForexYard Withdrawal Issue resolved

    My name is Ismail Mohamad How trouble starts? I am a client with ForexYard, a Non Regulated forex broker, operating in Nicosia, Cyprus. Initially I opened a Supermini trading account number 2867. (I applied for a Standard trading account But was approved a Supermini trading, seem a bit strange...
  6. C

    How long to get a withdrawal from ForexYard? - Resolved

    Should I wait before opening a scam report up on forexyard? I have initiated a withdraw for 300 dollars with them. They asked me for copys of credit cards i used with them over a year ago. I sent them in except for one because I no longer have the card I have sent in the info and now have...
  7. P

    NFA can't help

    Just received a letter from NFA,with regards to Forexyard,they are out of the NFA's jurisdiction,you are on your own when dealing with these people..........
  8. M


    habiendo tantos casos de retrasos de pagos en forexyard,no creeis que esa empresa es de dudosa reputacion.Yo mismo he solicitado un retiro de dinero y llevo esperando desde el 27 de enero y no se si lo recuperare,si tengo que iniciar algun tipo de accion contra ellos en blogs,tendre que hacerlo...
  9. P


    Do Not Send Your Money To These People.........
  10. N


    Hi, i'm 16, and one night me and my friend were looking for ways to earn extra cash besides working our job. As we searched online, we found "ForexYard". I am not one to just sign up and send money. So I researched "ForexYard", read reviews, did a demo account, the whole nine yards. But...
  11. P

    Forexyard scamming

    I posted before about how the platform was always screwing up,and screwing me out of money,last night I made a profit finally,only to see my account wiped out this morning,here is an explanation from forexyardPlease wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Ashley'...
  12. S

    Got scammed by FOREXYARD

    I have openned an account with Forexyard and deposited 500$ on the 24th of February 2009. They told me that they are giving a free 500$ cashback to everyone who deposits 500$, though I didn't need that for my trading strategy as I'm a long term trader and according to my risk management I trade...
  13. A


    I have an interesting though complicated case here which I think reflects the utter hypocrisy and scamming nature of forex broker, Forexyard. I will give a timeline of events and my reaction to the each event as it occured. This case also includes a friend of mine who's money was taken away...
  14. Y

    Scammed by

    Because Lee More of forexyard has stepped up to resolve this dispute and showed responsibility and respect to its clients, a successful negotiation has been reached. I now formally retract all negative posts and review regarding
  15. P

    Specialist of forexyard harass and terrorize

    I used to be a customer of Forexyard Company. I opened an account in this company on November 26th, 2012, my account number is 162371. I myself traded without any specialist s’advice. I usually traded the pairs AUDUSD. My business was very good from the day I opened my account on November 26th...
  16. wsparcie22

    I call upon the debtor company Safecap Investments Ltd.

  17. T

    Forexyard SCAM (affiliate)

    I am a member of the forexyard partner system (affiliateayrd) 1st problem first person i referred using my link didnt show up, turns out my link was broken, they fixed this and said i had earnt my first comission of 300usd but minimum payout is 600usd so i get on to my next...
  18. A


    Forexyard A novembre del 2011 ho iniziato a negoziare con Forexyard.Per aprire il conto mi hanno chiesto carta identità e bolletta enel, e hanno provveduto ad aprire un conto con 200 euro e mi hanno fatto 200 di bonus. Il sedici gennaio ho chiesto un prelievo di 400 euro, dopo avermi assicurato...

    Is this the way how forexyard cheats? Be aware of this cheaters.

    I have been victim of a great forexyard affiliate cheating for the last 2 months. I have tried my level best in a gentle way to contact them and asked them to pay my dues. Its all started in the month of june when i first referred 2 customers to forexyard from my free fx training center in hope...
  20. A (was

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