1. sihar

    Forinvest competition = new way of scam ?!

    dear all... sorry if I missplaced this case.. but I hope someone here can find a solution or at least could become an early warning for those who join the Forinvest Forex Competition. My name is Sihar Hasibuan and I'm one of the winner (3rd place) in Forinvest Competition Round 28. printscreen...
  2. West Coast Pips

    Problem Trader Beware - Forinvest Seem Like Scammers, Liars And Cheats

    Hello everyone It seems as though everyone is aching to know more about ForInvest from the perspective of a live client. Well I am one and have been for just over a month. I am actually a professional trader and you can see some of my reviews under 'West Coast Pips' in the broker reviews. I...
  3. P

    Forinvest's now threatens to sue me over my reviews

    :shocked:I left two reviews on Forinvest under the name info.2009uk. The reviews speak for themselves. I have nothing invested in making false allegations over $75.60. I have wrote several emails to Forinvest asking them to confirm if they intend to give the $75.60 or simply state that they are...
  4. P

    forinvests contest is a sacm

    I won the contest and they sent this email to me. Dear Mr. Okeke, AC 151654 - Congratulation! You have won the Second Prize in the "Trading Competition-Round 18", and the Prize of USD 3,000 Live Account with ForInvest Group. Kindly note that upon "Competition Rules", paragraph 10, to...