1. TrapLok

    FPA signals: any ea?

    Hi fellows is there any EA for mt4 to trade news due instruction in FPA "Forex News Daily Trading Signals" Link
  2. D

    AIRPASSHedg-live is SCAM..!!!

    user.airpas.io/introduce? iid=P0544956& uid=66 This is SCAM..!!!!
  3. Sammy colt

    New to fpa

    Hi there everyone, I'm new here but I've been learning how to trade for a few months. Learnt a fair bit but not enough to confident enough to put my money where my mouth is. Hopefully being here will fill some missing pieces.
  4. Muhd faizal

    Capitalxp scam broker

    Im from malaysia,now i have confront of being scam from the broker capitalxp,i have deposited 250usd first on my first salary on bitcoin trade to get a bitcoin sofware in their website then when they say the software doesnt exist after i depo the money they want me to trade with the mt4 auto...
  5. ElaineMDG

    Just Want to Say Thank You!

    Although I've only been really concentrating on Fx for a couple of months, I can honestly say that between the scams, pushy marketers, (not always one & the same), questions and occasional confusion; I wouldn't be still hanging in there and even more excited about this crazy journey were it not...
  6. FxMaster

    Who are Forex Peace Army?

    Who is Forex peace army ? How its works ? How they earn ? Get the all answer from this interview held by DukascopyTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLDiSw2iWmg PS : Romas did make a small error. The FPA began before 2008. The rebranding to ForexPeaceArmy was at the end of 2007...
  7. P

    FTS Toolkit - Trailing Stop EA - Minimize risk even further with trailing stop and BE

    Fellow Squad Members, For those who use VPS or who are not at the PC all day this EA, in addition to our Break Even EA, can lower risk significantly as it manages trailing stop on a currency pair together with break even. By default the EA drags stop level at 20 pips distance from market...
  8. P

    FTS Toolkit - Break Even EA - Minimize risk with setting break even automatically

    . . Quick update For MT4 build 600 and above use this version - copy this to MQL4\Experts folder If you see only mq4 files there then you need to locate MT4 private folder somewhere here: c:\Users\Peter\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\{whateverhorribleuniqueid}\MQL4\Experts If you find...
  9. P

    FTS Toolkit - RSI Returning Signal - Indicator showing significant RSI returning signals

    Fellow Squad Members, Let me share with you this little RSI indicator that has a nice additional feature: it can translate to significant RSI returns to buy and sell signals. It came into my mind that RSI signals are valuable not only in their value (when reaching a certain level like 30 or...
  10. P

    FTS Toolkit - Bandwidth Ratio - Indicator showing relative Bollinger Band levels

    Fellow Squad Members, Here is a simple custom indicator that calculates price levels on a scale of standard deviation (Bollinger Bands). That is when price pierces Bollinger Band dev = 2.0 the value of this indicator is 2.0 or -2.0 (upper band and lower band respectively). Installation...
  11. P

    FTS Toolkit - Sticky Trends - Draw trend lines easier by holding Ctrl

    Fellow Squad Members, Another code I'd like to share with you is a quite special one. I used to spend some time with 'convenience codes' and not only with EAs and indicators or market data analysis. This kind of tools mostly makes**trading platform*more handy by providing common function...
  12. P

    FTS Toolkit - Spread Marker - A visual tool for monitoring spread while trading

    Fellow Squad Members, One of the first things that I learned in trading from the big "How not to leave your money on the market" book is to monitor spread closely. Here is my tiny solution for MT4 that shows spread markers next to the last candle and displays the spread in pips on the lower...