1. T

    Resolved: They requested me to move my AU FX account to Vincent granada account,Anyone? FPmarkets

    excuse my english. So i use fpmarkets since 2018,and then a week ago they send me a request email to move my AU account (where fpmarkets 2018 is based-fpmarkets.com)to Vincent Granada ISland acount (their new based web address fpmarketsint.com). at first i do not answer their request until i...
  2. S

    Resolved: FP Markets scam

    My case of trading in FP Markets is the following: 18.01.22 i deposited 16 655 USD to my account. I traded 133 lots. My profit was 4201 USD. When i wanted to withdraw the most part of the amount FP Markets has cut 3023 USD as a fee for withdraw. FP Markets compliance wrote me the email that...
  3. Pierluigi Locatelli

    So many multies spamming for FPMarkets

    My friend told me about fp markets initially but i did my own research before signing up, the main things that made me sign up with them is because they have good reputation on the forums and review sites and they're working for a very long time now. I don't think a bad broker will survive that...
  4. C

    Brexit Election Variable Leverage Scam - FPMarkets

    In the last three days leading up to the UK General Election I was trading Oil and Eur/USD with your highly recommended broker FPMarkets. I managed to build up my account mainly through trading Brent Oil to around £25,000 see attachment below. Simultaneously I also trade with several other...
  5. A

    FP Markets?

    I have heard of many people talk about brokers from Australia generally very good. But I like to know where this company FP Markets – www.fpmarkets.com - stands? I have been in this forum for long enough, but I haven’t previously heard too many people talk about it or even mention it, so where...
  6. A

    Discuss FPMarkets.com (and .com.au) (First Prudential Markets)

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