1. PipsBrawler

    Searching Futures Contract

    Hi Traders, Where can i find a reliable futures broker?, a broker broker that support CME, CMEX, NYMEX, CBOE assets like e-mini, index futures, gold futures and currency futures?, And do they work like forex brokers with easy funding methods like bitcoin and skrill?, I'm really interested in...
  2. Q

    Forex(scam) vs. Futures

    Greetings to all traders, I have been following the site's invaluable inputs from people around the world for quite some time. All in an effort to find a broker as someone new that wants to enter the forex trading arena. I believe I had managed to spot some fake positives along with the horror...
  3. rymaxde

    Deliverable Futures for Gold.

    I am new with futures and want to have some clarifications. As I understood, in deliverable future for gold should be fixed price for expiration date, that is in contract clear has been set by seller. But in real, I never find this price in the contract. The only price that can be seen is the...
  4. Mr Patient

    Automated Trading with NinjaTrader

    Hi Not sure whether this is the right forum for this post so bear with me (also to the moderators: I am not advertising any of the companies below, simply looking for advice from FPA members) I currently Trade futures with avafx on the avatrader platform. however pending what i expect...