fx clearing

  1. M

    FXCLEARING.CA-amounts get 'micro',no refunds?

    Dear Members,Aug23,2010. I am holding an account no.119012 with fxclearing.ca, a canada based forex trading company. When i opened the account,it was clearly mentioned to me it is a 'mini' account.(in 2009) I started trading in small amounts and deposited more than $4410 usd thru my paypal...
  2. nuspy

    Strange things with FX Clearing

    Hi everyone. I am using FX Clearing because it offers micro centrs account. But I have strange feelings about that broker. 1) First of all orders are very slow to be executed: 5-8 seconds. With other broker 2-3 seconds. What happen in that time? 2)Really often orders are requoted...