1. jembot

    chunning deception fx-private

    Hi friends, I am a trader atfx-private.com, besides I also refer fxprivate to friends to get referral commissions. After some time I have a slight advantage of referral commissions that I pull. At that time I wanted to withdraw the funds but the numbers were few, in the end I was trading in...
  2. S

    Resolved - Fx-private wont pay my hard earned profit

    im just still waiting for...1 month..how to widraw my account? if CS say i think... i think...
  3. I

    RESOLVED: Fx-private wont pay my hard earned profit

    Dear traders I have been in this industry for a long time an i am not a naive trader who break rules and cheat with brokers..please read my story carefully my fellow traders I opened an account with fx-private broker and deposited only 80$ and i managed to turn that 80$ to 480$,an...