fx pro

  1. raymonrrk

    Problem FXPro VWAP trap

    Last Friday I did open a (market order) trade on NATGAS but what happened is that the trade got filled (and closed) at a totally different price a with a spread of 99 pips instead of the 15 pips that it should have been. My trade should have got filled at the following conditions: sell 4.932...
  2. h.s.s.31.12.1976@gma

    My problem with FxPro.com

    وذلك بطريقه قذره تنم على انه وضيع حيث قام باغلاق صفقاتي فجاءة دون تنبيهي بحجة ان الهامش المتاح قد نفذ ارجو المساعدة www fxpro .comاالسلام عليكم لقد تعرضت لعملية احتيال ونصب وفقدت رصيدي الذي لاامتلك غيره من قبل شركة
  3. Anatoly M

    FxPro delete my orders profits

    I have account FxPro 9268807.Open this account to december 2018. I made depo 27 december 2018 use skrill 4000dollars. I trade manual and made profit . But FxPro delete two my orders profits for EURJPY 03.01.2019 . After this case, I made a withdrawal .Received the initial Deposit and part of the...