1. Forex Knight

    FXcbs / Fienex Group - Is a Scam Broker

    Re-Investigating is in Process...!
  2. B

    Fxcbs & fienex group scam

    Dear Sir or Madam! I was tricked by the company FXCBS. They didn’t pay me the profit from two accounts in a overall amount of 115,283.00 € From the first account 2212905 - replenishment 7985 € - profit 44,018 € From the second account 2214047- replenishment 26,946 € - profit 36,264 € When I...
  3. Z


    I saw there is already a thread on FXCBS, but I thought since it's a different case(although the same problem) I would make a new topic: I sent a wire transfer on Sept 2nd. I contacted live support on Monday the 7th when it hadn't yet posted. They said to give it more time. Then I...
  4. J

    FXCBS Fienex Group

    Dear fellow Members, I think this company is a major scam. Its website is Forex Online Trading | Low Spread | Trading Software | Free Signals I transferred a large sum of money by international money transfer from Australia one week ago. That money has NEVER appeared in my MT4 account. My first...
  5. AsstModerator

    Discuss FxCBS

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