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    FXCC makes withdrawl extremely difficult!

    I joined FXCC for around 4 months since Feb 2020. Initially, I made some money through trading and made a series of withdrawls. Normally it would be processed within 1-2 days. However, the latest withdrawl I submitted on 28-May-2020 was not processed till today (after 14 calendar days). I...
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    Withdraw process delay to Debit from FXCC.COM

    Dear members, Morethan 15 days have gone till now i have not received my amount in my bank account. So be aware of FXCC Broker . They are doing more delay from payment processor side (emerchantpay.com). I don't When will i get money back . Please guide me how to get...
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    FXCC Very High slippage in both order open and stop loss? and virtual loss in NZD cash rate

    Dear All ; I have problem with fxcc with one my trading order that slippage about 22 pips on opening the order also 22 pip over my stop-loss point also I doubt that the make my loss because the shart was one way up and it is go down by this way please advises . Need your judgment ?
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    Attention FXCC SCAM !!!

    FXCC SCAM 100% ! (Asia, News) MT4 does not work, does not respond... Spread over 230 points eur/usd ... And many other manipulations ... !!! You lose money 100%
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    Fxcc is stilling money through widening spreads!!!

    had an account with 140000 euros in it.I traded badly and my account went down to 3500 euros.I had 2 opened positions:GBPJPY with 2200 euros in negative teritory and AUDNZD with 210 euros in negative teritory.Now,I had 2 weeks of problems to deposit my money to save margin via Credit Card since...
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