1. H

    Abandoned - FXCC Is a Big scammer site which not have a active License as a Financial dealer.

    Many thanks to FPA to give the chance to publicly give alerts about scamming companies in the forex market. I believe FPA is the most reliable place which really public opinion matters. I want to warn all FPA users and traders about FXCC.com . This company is not reliable and it obviously lies...
  2. Elnashy

    UNSUPPORTED (probably a hired freelancer) - Fxcc Are Scammers.

    FXCC SCAMMED ME MY MONEY and never gave it back i asked if they had a licence they said yes but the VSF refused to have given the Fxcc the licence this people are scammers 100%
  3. P

    Abandoned - Probably hired to make this complaint. FXCC IS A SCAMMER. THEY LIED ABOUT THEIR LICENSE AND MISLEAD ME.

    FXCC is a scammer. The agreement they have is fake. They tell their customers that they have VFSC license. But it's fake. VFSC says that FXCC doesn't have an active license.VFSC does not take care of its previous regulated company to stop them from doing business in Vanuatu. I have confirmed the...
  4. eyvara

    Complaint involving hired multis - FXCC did not withdraw 38000 USD for 11 months and do not reply to any email

    I am happy to find you ..same thing happen to .. did you find any solution dear? please check your messages. can you please contact me. I need to hear about your experience. I am also scammed by FXCC.
  5. S

    FXCC makes withdrawl extremely difficult!

    I joined FXCC for around 4 months since Feb 2020. Initially, I made some money through trading and made a series of withdrawls. Normally it would be processed within 1-2 days. However, the latest withdrawl I submitted on 28-May-2020 was not processed till today (after 14 calendar days). I...
  6. S

    Withdraw process delay to Debit from FXCC.COM

    Dear members, Morethan 15 days have gone till now i have not received my amount in my bank account. So be aware of FXCC Broker . They are doing more delay from payment processor side (emerchantpay.com). I don't When will i get money back . Please guide me how to get...
  7. S

    Abandoned - FXCC Very High slippage in both order open and stop loss? and virtual loss in NZD cash rate

    Dear All ; I have problem with fxcc with one my trading order that slippage about 22 pips on opening the order also 22 pip over my stop-loss point also I doubt that the make my loss because the shart was one way up and it is go down by this way please advises . Need your judgment ?
  8. H

    Abandoned - Attention FXCC SCAM !!!

    FXCC SCAM 100% ! (Asia, News) MT4 does not work, does not respond... Spread over 230 points eur/usd ... And many other manipulations ... !!! You lose money 100%
  9. A

    Fxcc is stilling money through widening spreads!!!

    had an account with 140000 euros in it.I traded badly and my account went down to 3500 euros.I had 2 opened positions:GBPJPY with 2200 euros in negative teritory and AUDNZD with 210 euros in negative teritory.Now,I had 2 weeks of problems to deposit my money to save margin via Credit Card since...
  10. A

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