1. SergeySergey1975

    Resolved: FxClub.org (a.k.a. Forex Club, a.k.a. Libertex) - can't get $6788.39 back. Probably SCAM.

    I am a client of this company, my account number is 550015560 (MT5), 720215920 (MT4) and 1806110698 (Libertex) (screenshot "Accounts", "Payments_History"). 01.08.2018 I received an email with a message (screenshot "Email") - " Dear Customer, Please be advised that in accordance with clause...
  2. Specktor

    FxClub (www.fxclub.org) SCAM - does not pay $23k

    I traded in the company fxclub (www.fxclub.org). Trading account number Libertex 1805371080. Trading account number MT4 720225214 31.07.2018 I received a letter to the post of the following content: Dear Customer, We bring to your notice that according to paragraph 2.4 of the Agreement on...