fxdd malta

  1. V

    FXDD Malta

    Hi. Just read thread about FXDD Malta when they removed profitable trades. I have same case was happened in march 2015. They gave me back my deposit, canceled profit, blamed me in "System manipulation".Thank you
  2. N

    Resolved - FXDD Withdrawal Problems

    I have been trying to close my accounts with FXDD Malta for some time now (more than two weeks). First of all, the withdrawal process is needlessly tedious. You have to download and sign a form and then email or fax back to them. They will refuse it if you use your computer to sign the form...
  3. veri5

    Resolved - FXDD Malta

    FXDD Malta stole my news trading profit, although previously confirmed in statements and online chat, that all is good, they did it only after withdrawal request.... they refers to t&c about arbitrage, which it is not....