1. M

    Problem FXDD.com will not process my withdrawals

    Hello all, I have been trading with FXDD for the past four months now, i managed to make a profit of around 37K in total. I was able to withdraw 17K USD during the past four months until the start of this April, i tried to withdraw the rest using NETELLER but they were making execuses that...
  2. N

    Fxdd & arincen

    كيف اكتب شكوى ضد تعاون الشركتين في التلاعب شركة fxddارسلت معلومات حسابي الى ارينسن
  3. M

    Fxdd doesn't process withdrawal and doesn't answer to emails after 7 days

    Dear guys, It's 7 days now that I'm waiting for an answer from fxdd to process my withdrawal request of 11.2k but they don't process it and they even don't answer to my email. Any ideas about what should I do? Thank you.
  4. V

    FXDD Malta

    Hi. Just read thread about FXDD Malta when they removed profitable trades. I have same case was happened in march 2015. They gave me back my deposit, canceled profit, blamed me in "System manipulation".Thank you
  5. F

    FXDD Scam

    Hi guys I have a big problem with FXDD broker. I passed since 3 months by an "OFF Quote" problem on EUR-TRY pair, and send to the broker the details of the repeatedly off-quote, but they are insisting that there is not problem and not scam way, and they tried to convince me that no liquidity...
  6. R

    Hi! FXDD... 608 pips stoploss slippage

    Hi, first time poster, so bear with me if I am posting something that isn't right... So, I am using multiple brokers, and through the relatively good reputation of Dukascopy (that I can't use in the US), I ended up in FXDD. I seem to have overlooked the previous problems that this guys have...
  7. J

    FXDD and e-signature forgery

    A very close friend of mine recommended I invest on futures with the FXDD agent in Peru, Mr. Sergio J. Reategui. She had been advised by Mr. Jorge Medina Mendez, Ernst & Young general manager in Peru, to invest on futures with that agent. Because I trust my friend and know about Mr. Medina´s...
  8. hitcola

    120 pips slippage and unique candle on FXDD

    Hello every one, ----------------------------------- I set a bending order SellStop on the USDJPY at the 15:29 (FXDD server time) and it gets executed on the same minute and also the stop loss get triggered on the same minute 15:29 ( FXDD server time) That the candle of 15:29 has a...
  9. D

    FXDD is not good?

    Hi there, from Japan. I am new here. Sorry for my funny English. I apologize about it beforehand:) Do you know FXDD? How are you thinking about the broker? Though I am with FXDD, I sicken of the broker because of unreliable support and, as more important thing, because the live server...
  10. J

    Problem SCAM liteforex.org,www.fxlite.com,and www.fxdd.com

    liteforex.org,www.fxlite.com,and Forex Trading | Currency Trading | Metatrader 4 | Forex Trading Software | Forex Broker | FXDD are the same scam, I oppened an account at fx lite but confirmation came from forexlite.org and the funds were sent to fxdd, they pass you from one person to another...
  11. hello966

    FXDD price discrepency

    Dear Forexpeacearmy, I have a forex account with FXDD Malta. My account balance USD 23000 was liquidated on 7/10/2016 due to the pound flash crash. GBPJPY lowest price given by FXDD Malta was 119.41. Other brokers/website lowest pricing for GBPJPY were as follows: IgoFX ...