1. F

    Resolved - FXGLORY PROBLEM

    We are two traders in a single home and we thought to use FxGlory as our broker to trade since they were offering deposit bonus. We deposited 1000$ each to different accounts with no intention or purpose to abuse the bonus or use it for hedging. I could manage to make 3000$ profits on one...
  2. C

    Problem Fxglory dubious intentions?

    I've had some trades ongoing for over a year with FxGlory. I have emails from when i first registered asking about their negative online reputation and i was assured over and over again that it was just either competitors leaving negative reviews ... or disgruntled customer that broke their...
  3. Anatoly M

    FxGLORY SCAM!!!!

    I have account in FxGlory number 46321. I made deposit 1000$ use Skrill 24 november 2017.After some time and made a profit of $2334. 8 december i made request withdrawal my profit 2334$. But Fxglory rejected my request and canceled all my profit 2334$.They told me I broke rule 4.12.I believe...
  4. J

    FXGlory Broker

    I make $412 trading the news and now they took all my money because they said news trading rule 6.11 from our user agreeemnt. We do not guarantee news trading. You can find about the rules in the User Agreement:https://fxglory.com/user-agreement/ The Question is if I lost my money trading the...
  5. K

    fxglory scam broker my deposit 84$

    its stolen my funded 81$ its say im use hedge with another broker i want all check how many lot im have to now if im use hedge im will make all this lot its scam broker government in dubai close office this broker manager this broker dany and eric norman serch in google about...
  6. D

    FXGlory Scam, remove profit of trader

    My client has been trading with FXGlory since 2013. She deposited total USD15,950.00. Total withdrawal is USD12,065.00. She used only one trading method according to trend. The history of deposit and withdrawal is normal until Aug 12th, 2015. Seven of her open deals on Aug 11 and of take...
  7. I

    Fxglory. Ltd ** big scam!!!!!

    they stole my money amounting to $ 2,445 with a fake excuse my documents. and for this I am willing to prove to you all that my document is genuine., please grades alone with attachments attachments would I include in this my first post., starting from my trading statament up my passport would...
  8. Archi

    FxGlory SCAM.

    The company cancelled the order referring to that that it was in the market less than one minute (that breaks the agreement) - but it not so. I provided the logs of the company - but it didn't solve a problem. - Hello sir did you read user agreement before start trade? we noticed that your...
  9. R

    Scammed by FXGlory

    Have you been scammed by fxglory. If yes post your comments here and lets us get together in our fight.
  10. H

    fxglory is the biggest scammers in the world

    i have deposit 1500$ and after several lose i make aprofit of 1437 and balance became 2549 when i make withdrawal request the close the account and take all the balance even the initial deposit they take
  11. H

    FX GLORY has deleted my profit, and now want stolen my initial deposit.

    Please reply this thread for fxglory. my account: Real Account : 19657 why banned..? and what the reason...? and why I just want wd my initial deposit can'nt do it...? you could remove my bonus or my profit, but not stolen my initial deposit. it's my money.
  12. komposter

    FxGlory stole $6 643.51. They are SCAMMers!

    See English version below. ----------------------------- FxGlory - мошенники. Они украли мои деньги и не отвечают на мои письма. Я начал работать с FxGlory 2013-05-09. Открыл счет, отправил документы на проверку. 2013-05-20 внес средства с помощью WebMoney, и начал торговлю. Сначала...
  13. C

    Fxglory can not whithdraw

    Fxglory can not whithdraw My account 11374,ago can withdraw ,now can not whithdraw,why?
  14. A

    FXGlory scam

    Fxglory stole me 25000$ because they disabled my account with the excuse I made the deposit with Liberty Reserve that now not exist more. The truth is that I made the deposit with Liberty Reserve on the 06/13/2012 and on 06/20/2012 so they have taken my money and put it in their bank more then 1...
  15. D


    Hello anyone that is reading this, (8/5/2016) - I have recently been using FX Glory for trading. I found their leverage and withdrawal and deposit methods to fit what I was looking for in a broker. I am a swing trader by nature and I look for huge supports and resistance levels. I took a trade...