1. E

    Problem Scammed by FXLeader

    I have been scammed by that company and have reporter it to the Swedish Police. Now I will get further and last time I was in here I saw an advertisement from a company with lawyers and other proffesionals that could help. But now I can't find it. Anyone who knows?
  2. V

    Fxleader - Scam

    Unfortunately, I think I was scammed by the Fxleader. I was very stupid! First, I signed up for the following site: https://the-profit-btc.com/app/sign-in I've been reading about bitcoins and I've thought about starting with little money. On this site, I would have to deposit 250 € and the...
  3. T

    Problem FXleader - SCAM, refuse withdrawal

    Made an account in 23th of January 2019, with 200€ deposit. Since March, I was persuaded to invest additional 6000.00€, by account manager Mike Anderson (contacts bellow), who claimed fast earnings. I believed in him, and did not search for reviews. The talk was very persuasive. The reality...
  4. R

    Scamed by FXLeader

    On April 2nd, just a week ago I open an account on FXLeader with deposit of 200€, and on the nextday I was contact by a member of FXLeader, explaining the system, bla, bla, bla... and convinced me to make a deposit of 2800€ more, what I have done, and I have received a "Bonus" 2500€!!!!!, and we...
  5. J

    Problem FXLeader.com Scam

    Hi all, Last month i was talked into depositing £8000 by my "financial advisor" on FXLeader. Someone else from his team then called me to open soe trades. We opened 8 trades all with NO STOPLOSS. I have no previous experience of trading so was unaware of how risky this was. But i made a nice...
  6. A

    FxLeader Scammed me

    They asked me to deposit 5000 USD which they said they would double on guaranteed trades and return my investment with no loss.
  7. Daniel C

    FX Leader

    I am new to FPA and also to trading online business as well. Here we go: I have invested on line some 7 weeks ago using my credit card( silly me) on fxleader.com, anyone heard of them? I have reallised that using my c/c would nit be a good idea, I have requested after 2 weeks ( they are in...