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    RESOLVED Case# 2015-014 | claudiu777 vs fxnet.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.fxnet.com My Case is: I opened an account(102608), had some losses and gains using the exact same strategy from march 2013 until end of October 2014. In the last few months after lots of hard work on my EA and...
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    Resolved - FXNET zeroed my account then they offered me 1000 euro to shut me up!

    I got to FXNET through my IB, and opened an account(102608), had some losses and gains using the exact same strategy from march 2013 until end of October 2014. In the last few months after lots of hard work on my EA and strategy I became more and more profitable. On the 27th of October 2014 I...
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    Resolved - FXNet is a SCAM!

    Happy New Year to All! My name is Monica and I live and trade in Voluntari, Romania. Last year I start trading with FXNET and they took all my money. They stole 6671.50 EUR. Beware at FXNET. Best wishes, Monica
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    WARNING !! SCAM ALERT: FxNet does NOT process withdrawals!!

    FxNet does not process withdrawals!! Last week I saw, the balance on my FxNet account is still 6.276 EUR. 4 WEEKS I have been trying to withdraw my money. The amount of 6.276,23 EUR consists of 6.000 EUR deposit (real equity without bonus) and a small profit of 276,23 EUR. Everytime I...
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    Resolved | FXNET is a SCAM!

    Hello to all, I have to warn everybody about the new strategy FXNET is using to finance it's business - or make money and close the office! When the client loose - the transaction is legal, if the client wins they block the money saying "transactions are suspicious"! The client gets only...
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    FxNet.com a regulated broker from Cyprus is not processing withdrawals. I am waiting for over 2 weeks now. First they say it will be processed in 48hours (as advertised). Then they say 48 hours means backoffice hours which equals 6 days (to them)!!! After that they say "tomorrow" and "later...
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    ATTENTION: FxNet is using a new Scam Scheme to keep clients deposits and profits! Here is the Scam Scheme: 1. First they offer free deposit bonuses (and free VPS). 2. Then, they take the bonus back when you start trading. 3. Then, they claim you abused the bonus and their Terms and...
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    Aussie declines despite shrinking Australian trade deficit - Market Overview by FXNET

    The Asian session was calm as the economic calendar was light and most investors were positioning ahead of key risk events later this week, primarily the US nonfarm payrolls report on Friday. Meanwhile, there was some recovery in the US dollar today following disappointing US data from late...
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    USD/JPY slips as Nikkei falls in risk-off market after disappointing China PMI data - FXNET News.

    The first full trading week of 2014 began today, with Japan opening for the first time after a two-week holiday. The Nikkei traded down in a risk-off environment as yen was lifted by safe-haven demand. Disappointing China services PMI data weighed on investor sentiment. The world’s second...
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    Risk Aversion and Profit-Taking LIFT the Japanese Yen - FxNet Market Overview

    The currency markets have been gripped by risk aversion into the New Year, and we are seeing a big reversal in especially in dollar/yen and euro/dollar pairs. Investors favored covering yen shorts, giving the Japanese currency a 0.5% gains versus the greenback today. Profit-taking saw the...
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    Forex VPS hosting becomes very popular. Why?

    Virtual private hosting (VPS), is a virtual machine which runs its own operating system, works 24/7, can be rebooted at one's command (rarely needed) and used exclusively by the individual customer who opts to take the service. This virtual computer, is configured to make use of any software...
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    Trading Strategy Tips for Forex Beginners - by FXNET

    Money and Risk Management. Before you start trading, you have to understand that money and risk management is the most important step to take as a trader. The number one reason for traders losing all their money, is the lack of a proper money and risk management strategy. As a general...
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    Technical Analysis On Major Currencies & Commodities - by FXNET

    EUR/USD - European Session: The pair moved to the upside trading above 88.6% correction of the suggested CD Leg of the bearish harmonic Bat Pattern that isn’t confirmed yet. Stability above the referred to level at 1.3775 weakens the harmonic formation without canceling till now. In fact...
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    FxNet.com - Bonus Promotions for June

    We wish to inform you that further to the popularity of the ‘Choose Your Bonus’ promotion, FxNet has decided to continue the current promotion for another month! For the month of June, as was for May, all clients will be able to choose from the following 2 Bonuses: 50% Margin Bonus - No...
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    FXNet Accepts All Trading Strategies!!!

    Dear Forum Members, FXNet Welcomes All Trading Strategies: - SCALPING - NEWS TRADING - EXPERT ADVISOR - HEDGING Kind regards, The FXNet Team. www.fxnet.com
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    WARNING : Keep Away From FXNET.Com

    Hi Everybody, I am with FxNet.Com for about 2 weeks. I deposited $1000 and made $2000 profit. I sent a withdrawal request to my LR on March 26th but it is not processed yet. I already heard that fxnet withdrawals just took few hours before. I contacted FxNet via live chat and email...
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