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    FXP Markets - Handed over more than 21,000 Euros...and now they've disappeared

    Hi all, I’ve read the various posts on the site regarding FXP Markets, a company that disappeared near the end of last year, their registered company address now closed permanently, their website inaccessible and their telephone number now reallocated to a fast food restaurant. My main contact...
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    Problem FXP markets is a scam company

    Hello to everyone, I would like to inform you the the company FXP markets which can be found on the site https://www.fxpmarkets.com/ is a scam company and that you don't want to invest you money with them. I have invested more than 10000 eur and now I can't withdraw my money.I'm struggling all...
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    FXP Markets - can't get access to my account

    I have a long term relationship (2 years) with FXP Markets (Jake Matthews) agreed to a PAMM agreement where traders accounts are pooled to take on better trades. I was convinced to let the agreement continue until end June 2019. I have checked to see how my investment (2500 Euros) is doing and...
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    FXPMarkets.com withdraw problems

    After a few months trading with FXPMarkets, I wanted to withdraw my entire balance [€5.000 deposit plus €2.800 profits]. I issued a withdraw request on friday evening, and got an email confirmation stating it might take 3-5 business days. So far, so good. The next monday, I couldn't logon to...
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    Resolved - Complain about FXPmarkets

    Dear sir/ Madam, My wife append an account with FXPmarkets. She started to activate the account by entering some Trading operations. Unfortunately, it isn't as we aimed to so she decided to stop trading with the account in 30/3/2018. She asked them to take back the money and fill in all the...
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    Discuss FXPMarkets.com

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    Resolved: FXP Markets.com

    At the end of December 2017 I was contacted by a Steve from FXP Markets. He told me that Bitcoin has dropped dramatically to 11000$ and that there is a chance to make money by buying. I only needed to put 500Euro in account. I did that and placed a trade at about 12000Euros and immediately it...