1. W

    The FXPRIMUS CEO Chris Trikomitis and Management Fxprimus has robbed my Escrow funds!!

    Report Fxprimus Escrow Fund as a third party robbed by Fxprimus of $23,130 under =AZXSwYmjovPx797z7P7gGCkdrG37asMUuha0SBOsO6t-fxqq81YNHoQetlGyVbzrIQrhR6pDX-ASiF_UwIr-01-jT9XXM5XI5dR12Y1cEgXPiI9HMS_uvEmXT0e8SO860J8&__tn__=-]K-R']Merrylin Primus and...
  2. irongolem


    At 01:00:32 on August 3, 2020, Server FX-PrimusMarket Live ran the price of xau/usd order to 1990.61, causing my account to be stopout 4 sell xau/usd orders led to my account being -1211.8 $. As follows: Server FX-PrimusMarket Live had the highest price at that time was 1990 (picture in the...
  3. K


    I have been trading with FxPrimus for a while now. Until recently I started to noticed that they have been hunting SL during 5am-6am Malaysia time. I have recorded a video seeking for their explanation why their Server 3 and Server 4 live spread on GBP/USD can varies about 140pts. Server 3...
  4. L

    ABANDONED - FXPRIMUS robbed customers' fund, FXPRIMUS is Scam.

    Dear Forexpeacearmy, My name is Le Xuan Tri I am sharing my bad experience on FXPRIMUS, headquarter in Cyprus, Africa and many Countries. I hope to receive your support to solve the issue. Thank for your view and support in advance. Here is the detail: In May 2019, I opened trading account in...
  5. Sakhkalyan

    my deposit and profit was taken away by FxPrimus

    Hi!! my deposit and profit was taken away by FxPrimus. All manual trading. I can post the copies of my statements. What to do? Who can help in this case?
  6. A

    FX Primus issue with credit Account

    Hello My Name is Arvinsingh Angteea I currently have an Account with FX Primus with ID Number 9207538 I have made a Deposit on Friday 09th MARCH 2018 which have been successfully transferred to FX Primus Account ( See attached PDF File - Receipt.PDF ) However after Seeing that my Account with...
  7. F

    FX Primus - are they stealing money?

    I have to ask this question. Is FX Primus stealing money? I was informed that they have closed all Australian accounts and requested Australian customers to withdraw their funds. Having filled out the withdraw application, the fund transfer is attempted. Fees are charged, but the transfer...
  8. H

    Fxprimus Burned my live Account

    Fxprimus – Burned my Account 1- I started a year ago with Fxprimus after I made sure of their spreads and execution of trades were optimal. Funding Account was easy, but, the first time I requested a withdrawal, they came back at me with a demand for proof of ID, which I had already sent...
  9. G

    FxPrimus - "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

    FxPrimus - "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing", Scam Alert! Unfortunately the Forex market is a big opportunity for scams and rip offs. A typical scam type is when brokerage companies try to make more money through fake or unreal spreads. FxPrimus are deceiving traders by offering a very low spread...