1. M

    tradefxi.com, fxrecoveries.com

    Both sites are scam sites
  2. D

    fxrecoveries scam

    i started my account with www.fxrecoveries.com.person rasheed and anuksha call me promised me invest $500 make it $2000.i start with him.But within 2 week between they loss my total $500.after that i call so many time and send so many mail but not received any reply.don not invest in this...
  3. Petersenthil

    tradefxi.com and fxrecoveries.com Fradulant

    I have started my trade AC with this site and www.fxrecoveries.com person Rasheed asked me to start wit them and he promised me to do robot and make profit of 800% but he has cheated me. I neither get my profit or my investment back. I lost 500$ with these people. They are the fauds. I tried...