1. E

    Berndale Capital

    Anybody have an info on Berndale Capital, In Australia. They appear to have a lot of the same employees from FXTG. Stavro D'Armour seems to be involved with them. Ex CEO of FXTG. Claim to be an old unit of Merrill Lynch. berndalecapital.com/
  2. S

    Plus Financials and FXTG

    Kamal then Robert contacted me re a broking account. After some winning trades Robert talked me into depositing more funds. I told him I was uncomfortable numerous times and each time he assured me he will not loose it. I insisted on stop losses which again he talked me out of and he told me...
  3. Master Yoda

    Problem 4XP=FXTG=SkyFX: The Proofs

    As you all aware the FPA has have found the broker 4xp Scam following 7 verdicts (!!!) and following the failure of 4xp to pay customers their money, in other words: 4xp are thieves. I have made an investigation and have found a direct and disturbing connection between the above mentioned (4xp...