1. nsinfodesk

    Who Gains

    Hello guys, I will like to know please. When a trader lose money in forex who's gain is it, the broker, other traders, bank or who? Please I like to know
  2. S

    The Big $5000 – FXTM’s Biggest Deposit Bonus Ever!

    FXTM has launched their biggest deposit bonus promotion ever – The Big $5,000! The global broker is offering an extra 30% back from every amount their traders deposit over a period of 30 days, up to a total of a huge $5,000! This lucrative promotion is a great way for both new and seasoned...
  3. M

    ForexTime Scams

    Hello I’ve been experience serious problems with ForexTime regarding my funds, I’ve tried trading with them but my orders are always sabotaged so I decided to stop trading with them and claim my initial deposit back but that was not supported either so I call for your help on this matter.
  4. N

    ForexTime(FXTM) scamed $4637+profit+ bonus

    I have opened account on the 12 of December 2017, they have scammed 4637+profit and bonus from me by 1 January. They looted all my money by fake stop-out. My trading account number is ECNZero2082666, the stop out and the spread was manipulative. when i am keeping watching they delete my...
  5. aariapoor

    FXTM forced stop-out before a big potential WIN

    At 14th Apr. 2017 FXTM stopped me out with nearly 100% margin level (1 min before) when market was moving in my favor, I contact them several times but they were just repeating you become stopped out because your margin level reached to 20% (as if I don't know when stop-out happens o_O), so I...
  6. F

    Error debit alert - fxtm

    On the 3rd March, 2017 at about 07:23:49 Nigerian time, i took a position to sell Silver at a price level of 17.741 with ticket number 1811557456 on a lots size of 0.1 and a total of $687.50 was automatically deducted from my trading account size of just $760 and thereafter i was immediately...
  7. H


    Hello I do like to share live trading experience with FXTM Fraud broker ,Mt4 account no ;2524290 they manipulate your trades in very cunning way, So below i have attached my complete trade history & Mt4 chart
  8. liam9587

    FXTM refused to take responsibility after causing customer loss

    At 03.31am UTC/GMT+7, November 16th 2016, I deposited US$400 into my FXTM account, and I've got a sms notification from HSBC for that transaction as proof of time the bank processes that transaction. Mysteriously that transaction has stayed pending until 08:00pm UTC/GMT+7 same day at FXTM...
  9. A


    FXTime appears to be a scam to me. I have one contentious issue that I have tried to resolve with the customer representatives to no avail. This contentious issue is price quotes for GBP/USD on 7/10/2016 from 12midnight to 4 a.m FXtime quotes state that the high for this period was 1.28621 while...
  10. B

    Fxtm refuses to give 'illicit' profits!!

    Things are getting really bad, with a broker, when you know they wont let you have your profits! I sent $10,000 to FXTM about six weeks and then steadily lost about 50% of the account over the following weeks. I made a very good trade last week and they took the profits from my MT4 citing...
  11. F

    Forextime launches forex trading cup

    This summer ForexTime (FXTM) invites you to join the Forex Trading Cup Sharpen your strategies, score the highest percentage of profits and win up to $3,000 trading credit in the Forex Trading Cup demo contest! Registrations period June 19th 2014 – August 1st 2014 Register Free Now
  12. F

    FXTM Launches A Series of Forex Webinars!

    Forex Time (FXTM) is pleased to announce the launch of its much anticipated forex webinar series commencing on April 23rd 2014. The series of free webinars hosted by a forex industry expert will cover a wide spectrum of trading topics which can be enjoyed from any location around the world...
  13. A

    ForexTime.com (FXTM)

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